13 No. Bus Route Dhaka and Details Informations (১৩নং বাস)

A bus is a large-wheeled vehicle mainly used for carrying a large number of passengers at a time along with a driver. It is more significant than a car. As the population of Dhaka city is very high, buses play a vital role in the transport scene of Dhaka. Every day thousands of people travel by bus to Dhaka city. Whether it’s for work purposes or simply traveling. 13 No. Bus  Dhaka (১৩নং বাস) is one of them. It starts its journey from Mohammadpur and ends in Azimpur.

The seating arrangement of this bus is quite lovely. This bus has around ten stops, meaning you can stand at those stops and can get on this bus. There are seating arrangements for all kinds of people, like men and women, on this bus. If you get on this bus, you can reach your destination effortlessly.

13 No. Bus Route Dhaka

13 No. Bus Route: 

Mohammadpur ⇄ Shankar ⇄ Star Kabab ⇄ Dhanmondi 15 ⇄ Jigatola ⇄ City College ⇄ Science Lab ⇄ New Market ⇄ Nilkhet ⇄ Azimpur

Operating Hours :
13 No. Bus  Dhaka starts its journey at 6 am and ends at 11 pm. If there’s no traffic jam or other incident, it is on time. Otherwise, the timings may vary.

Service Details :

13 No. Bus  Dhaka provides moderate service to its passengers. The seats in this bus are moderately comfortable and arranged ordinarily so people can sit. This bus also maintains proper hygiene, so it’s a plus point. This bus tries to ensure passengers’ comfort, but sometimes their seats give up, so their service is pretty alright. We know this bus starts from Mohammadpur and ends at Azimpur, so people can get on it quickly if they wait at the counters easily. This bus is always on time if there’s no traffic jam.

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The staff and bus drivers of this bus are accommodating. They listen to their passengers and help in whatever ways possible. The staff of this bus is well behaved and polite. The drivers of this bus are also very expert. In this bus, around 38 to 42 people can sit. So if you wait patiently at the counter for this bus, you can get on it quickly without any hassle.

Below are the counters where you can get on the bus if you wait, and mostly this bus is on time if there’s no incident

Counters: Here is where 13 No. Bus  Dhaka bus stops, so if you wait for some time, you can get on the bus quickly.

Stoppage (স্টপেজের নাম)
Mohammadpur  মোহাম্মদপুর
Shankar  শঙ্কর
Star Kabab স্টার কাবাব
Dhanmondi 15 ধানমন্ডি ১৫
Jigatola  জিগাটোলা
City College সিটি কলেজ
Science Lab বিজ্ঞান গবেষণাগার
New Market নতুন বাজার
Nilkhet  নীলক্ষেত
Azimpur আজিমপুর

13 No. Bus  Dhaka gives delightful service, and it is always on time without any incident. Many people every day like to get on this bus and enjoy it.

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