Baishakhi Bus Routes and Service Details (বৈশাখী বাস)

The Baishakhi Bus (বৈশাখী বাস) starts to give services from Savar to end services at Natun Bazar. Baishakhi Bus is also one of the popular buses in Dhaka City that makes the riders jump from pillar to post. If you are asking about the seat quality, I would say that the seats are pretty basic, nothing special. However, there are several chairs that the passengers can sit comfortably in if there is not too much crowd. As buses are one of the fundamental things that different groups of people use, the proper maintenance of the bus is undoubtedly essential. Therefore, it would be better if the Baishakhi Bus could be kept clean.

Baishakhi Bus Routes and Service Details

Baishakhi Bus Route:

Savar⥦Hemayetpur⥦Amin Bazar⥦Gabtoli⥦Technical⥦Kallyanpur⥦Shyamoli⥦Shishu Mela⥦Agargaon⥦Bijoy Sarani⥦Jahangir Gate⥦Mohakhali⥦Gulshan 1⥦Badda Link Road⥦Bashtola⥦Uttar Badda⥦Natun Bazar

Baishakhi Bus Operating Hours:
The Operating Hours may change due to traffic jams and other conditions. The Baisakhi Bus generally starts to give services from 6 am and ends at 10 pm.

Baishakhi Bus Counters and Services Details:

As Dhaka is a bustling city, people use buses to reach their destination as fast as possible. It begins its journey from Savar to Natun Bazar. This bus arrives at the proper time, but sometimes it may come late if there is too much traffic jam. Students must pay half the money if they can show a valid identification card to the conductors.

The conductors and drivers are pretty experienced and behave nicely with every passenger. Knowing the bus stoppages will help you to travel quickly from one place to another. Therefore, knowing the proper directions of the bus stoppages is a must. Here, I will put the points of bus stoppages in the table that will help you to choose the path straightforwardly.

Stoppages Name:(স্টপেজের নাম):
Savar সাভার
Gabtoli গাবতলী
Technical টেকনিক্যাল
Shyamoli শ্যামলী
Badda Link Road বাড্ডা সংযোগ সড়ক
Notun Bazarনতুন বাজার

As the Bus is one of the most demanding vehicles, it would be a great idea if the Baishakhi Bus could improve the seat quality. Otherwise, the quality of the bus is fine, and riders can move from one place to another safely.

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