Bangladesh’s E-Bus Service for English Medium Students to Launch in December 2022

Thanks to the Government of Bangladesh for making an excellent decision for English Medium Students. Going to school with a private or Uber may not be affordable for many students. 

The Dhaka North City Corporation authorities are taking initiatives to provide the Air-conditioned bus with modern facilities. These buses will be operated in the Gulshan, Banani, and Baridhara areas of Dhaka city. And they also decided to lessen the level of carbon emissions and decrease air pollution in Dhaka city with the aid of the pilot project. 

The bus launched for the English Medium School’s Students in December 2022 will be allowed to be used by four schools: Chittagong Grammar School-Dhaka, Scholastica School, Sir John Wilson School, and Bangladesh International Tutorial School. To maintain high security, they will use modern technologies such as tracking systems and CCTV cameras. 

Bangladesh's E-Bus Service for English Medium Students

If the project becomes successful, all the schools in Dhaka city will be able to get this service. We are hoping to get these services in all schools in Dhaka and also other cities. 

Source: Dhakatribune

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