Basumati Bus Route and Counters list (বসুমতি বাস)

The Basumati Bus (বসুমতি বাস) starts to provide services from Gabtoli and ends services at Marwa. Every day, different people use buses to move from one place to another. In every area, we need buses to reach their destination.

Basumati Bus Route and Counters list (বসুমতি বাস)

Basumati Bus Route:

Gabtoli ⇄Technical ⇄Kallyanpur ⇄ Shyamoli ⇄Shishu Mela ⇄College Gate ⇄ Asad Gate⇄Manik Mia Avenue⇄ Khamar Bari ⇄Farmgate ⇄Kawran Bazar ⇄Bangla Motor Shahbag ⇄Matsya Bhaban ⇄ High Court ⇄Press Club ⇄ Paltan ⇄GPO ⇄Golap Shah Mazar ⇄Naya Bazar⇄Babubazar ⇄Keraniganj ⇄ Marwa

Basumati Bus Operating Hours:
The operating hours of Basumati Bus generally start from 6 am and services at 10 pm. The Operating hours may change depending on the condition of the traffic jam.

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Basumati Bus service details and counters:

There are almost 10 to 15 buses that help people to travel every day. As all groups of people use buses for traveling, they always try to provide us with proper seats for every passenger. This bus has adequate lighting and a fan that relieves the passengers from sweating. And the windows are correctly arranged.

The ticket fees have increased, but still, the students are getting half fares. Bus drivers and conductors are experienced and try to maintain the proper bus speed while traveling. And the conductors stop the bus when the passengers are leaving the bus. Knowing the appropriate bus stoppages makes it easier to move from one place to another. Here is the table that will assist you with the bus stoppages.

Stoppages Name:স্টপেজের নাম
Gabtoli গাবতলী
Shyamoli শ্যামলী
Asad Gateআসাদ গেট
Farm Gateফার্মগেট 
Bangla Shahbagবাংলা   শাহবাগ
Paltan পল্টন
Keraniganj কেরানীগঞ্জ

The arrangements of seats are pretty nice, and the passengers can travel safely from one place to another. It is a semi-sitting bus, still many people find this bus comfortable. Thanks for being with us.

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