Best Transport Bus Route & Counters (বেষ্ট ট্রান্সপোর্ট বাস)

The aim of Best Transport Bus (বেষ্ট ট্রান্সপোর্ট বাস) is to offer services from Mirpur 10 and ends services at Jatrabari. In our everyday life, most people in Dhaka city try to pay fewer ticket fees while traveling from hither to thither. That’s why having proper buses in all directions in Dhaka city is essential. If you are thinking of the quality of the seats, I would say that the seats are pretty comfortable. The internal sections of this bus are outstanding. They care about different groups of people. For this reason, they offer suitable seating arrangements for women, men, and special needs. By understanding the customer’s needs, they always try to reach you in the areas where you want to stop.

Best Transport Bus Route & Counters

Best Transport Bus Route

Mirpur 10 ⇄ Kazipara ⇄ Shewrapara ⇄ Taltola ⇄ Agargaon ⇄ Khamar Bari ⇄ Farmgate ⇄ Kawran Bazar ⇄ Bangla Motor ⇄ Shahbag ⇄ Matsya Bhaban ⇄ High Court ⇄ Press Club ⇄ Paltan ⇄ GPO ⇄ Gulistan ⇄ Motijheel ⇄ Ittefaq Moor ⇄ Sayedabad ⇄ Jatrabari

Operating Hours:
The operating hours of the best transport bus generally starts at 5 am and ends at 11 pm. It may vary according to traffic jams, weather, construction work, or other events blocking the road for some purposes.

Service Details and Counters:
The Best Transport Bus is one of the best public transports used by different groups of people. As you know, the journey of this bus starts from Mirpur 10 and ends at Jatrabari; the people of all these areas can travel safely, and if you wait in time at the bus stoppage, you can quickly enter the bus.

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If you are wondering about the behavior of these bus drivers and conductors, I would say that they are pretty generous and stop the bus or slow down when people get off the bus. Since this bus is designed for all groups, you do not need to worry about the women and special needs people because the seats are separately kept for them.

And lights and fans are also available that will help you to reduce a little tiredness from the scorching heat of the sun. Following the proper directions, you all can reach anywhere in time. Therefore, knowing the bus stoppages will be helpful for you. Some of the stoppages of the Best Transport Bus Route are:

Stoppages Name:(স্টপেজের নাম)
Mirpur 10 মিরপুর ১০
Shewrapara শেওড়াপাড়া
Farm Gateফার্মগেট
Palton পল্টন
Gulisthan গুলিস্তান 
Many people prefer this bus as it has provided exemplary service for a long time. In total, this bus is recommended for daily users. 

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