Deepan Bus Route and Service Details (দিপান বাস)

In Dhaka, different groups use buses to move from one place to another. Therefore, having buses in other areas is one of the essential things that we need to know. Deepan Bus (দিপান বাস) will help you to start your journey from Taj mahal Road to Arambagh. As Dhaka is one of the busiest cities in Bangladesh, traveling by bus allows the passengers to reach their destination.

Deepan Bus Route and Service Details
Deepan Bus Route:

Taj mahal Road ⇄ Shankar ⇄ Dhanmondi 15 ⇄ Jigatola ⇄ City College ⇄ Science Lab ⇄ Shah bag ⇄ Matsya Bhaban ⇄ Paltan ⇄ Gulistan ⇄ Moti Jheel ⇄ Arambagh

Operating Hours
Maintaining the proper timing of the journey is essential. Therefore, the service of this bus generally starts from dawn at 5 am and ends at the night of 10 pm sometimes, if it may start its journey late if there are any issues related to traffic jams, or weather changing construction works.

Service Details and Counters:
The service of the Deepan bus is not bad. It is just a regular semi-sitting bus that we generally see in Dhaka city. The primary purpose of the bus is to reach people to their destinations on time. And the people who live in all these areas can move from one place to another quickly. As you know, Dhaka city is one of the busiest cities in Bangladesh. Therefore, having a bus on Tajmahal road to Arambagh is essential.

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Moreover, the behavior of the bus conductors and drivers is pretty good. When the passengers get out of the bus, the drivers and conductors help to get out safely by stopping the bus at the destination locations. As there are 20 to 25 buses in different areas, this bus never makes people reach late. If you do not know the stoppage of the bus, it may cause difficulties in moving from one place to another. So, I thought of sharing the main stoppages of the Deepan bus.

Stoppages (স্টপেজের নাম)
Tajmahal Road তাজ মহল বাংলাদেশ
Dhanmondhi 15 ধানমন্ডি ১৫
City College সিটি কলেজ
Shahbhag শাহবাগ
Gulisthan গুলিস্তান
Arambagh আরামবাগ

If you use the bus to travel every day, I think this bus will help you to reach the destination areas ideally. This bus is recommended for people who live nearby Tajmahal to Arambagh

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