Dhakar Chaka Bus Route Dhaka and Service Details (ঢাকার চাকা বাস)

The Dhakar Chaka bus (ঢাকার চাকা বাস) is unique because, unlike other public buses, it has a sitting service system, which means you will need a ticket to ride the bus. The ticket system of this bus is excellent and reliable. The ticket conductor is responsible for the sale of tickets and also for checking that all passengers have bought the tickets. The seating arrangement of this bus is also arranged nicely, and they maintain the comfort of passengers. The starting point of this bus is from the police plaza, and the ending is at Gulshan 2. Any man, woman, or adult can travel by this bus easily and reach their endpoint.

Dhakar Chaka Bus Route
Dhakar Chaka Bus Route:

Police Plaza ⇄ Gulshan 1 ⇄ Gulshan 2

Operating Hours:
The service of the Dhakar Chaka bus starts at 6: 30 am in the morning and ends at 11: 30 pm at night. If there’s any traffic jam or unavoidable incident, the timings of this bus may change without any prior notice.

Service Details:
The Dhakar Chaka bus has pretty excellent service. Most of the time, this bus is on time if there are no jams or accidents, or incidents that cannot be avoided. The seating chairs in this bus are excellent and comfortable. This bus is also very safe to ride and reliable too. Many people depend on this bus every day to reach their required destination. In their seating arrangement, any man and woman can sit comfortably and have a good time.

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All buses in Bangladesh always don’t have good conductors, but Dhakar Chaka buses have excellent conductors and staff. They ask for the ticket nicely and are also trained; passengers can understand their behavior. They are very polite, gentle, and trustworthy. They are almost like professionals. The bus drivers on this bus are also very soft and professional. They can drive safely. This bus can hold up to 36-40 passengers. They always think about their passengers’ safety and needs. This bus will help you reach your endpoint without any tension and strain.

Counters: Here is where Dhakar Chaka Bus stops, so if you wait for some time, you can get on the bus quickly.

Stoppage (স্টপেজের নাম)
Police Plaza পুলিশ প্লাজা
Gulshan 1 গুলশান ১
Gulshan 2 গুলশান ২
Every day many people like to travel by Dhakar Chaka bus and enjoy the ride most of the time as it’s reliable and safe. So anyone can travel with this bus and reach their endpoint very safely. 

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