Dipon Bus Route Dhaka (দিপোন বাস)

The most typical and most beneficial use of buses is as a means of public transport. The Dipon Bus (দিপোন বাস) travels from one fixed destination to another selected destination. It starts from Taj mahal road and ends at Arambagh. These are generally far-off destinations with several halts at significant locations on the way. The passengers’ seats on this bus are excellent and relaxing. This bus has seats for male, female and disabled people. This bus always ensures passengers’ safety and comfort. If you take this bus, you can reach your destination quickly without worry.

Dipon Bus Route
Dipon Bus Route:

Tajmahal Road ⇄ Salimullah Road ⇄ Jakir Hossein Road ⇄ Shankar ⇄ Star Kabab ⇄ Dhanmondi 15 ⇄ Jigatola ⇄ City College ⇄ Science Lab ⇄ Bata Signal ⇄ Shahbag ⇄ Matsya Bhaban ⇄ High Court ⇄ Press Club ⇄ Paltan ⇄ Baitul Mukarram ⇄ Gulistan ⇄ Motijheel ⇄ Arambagh

Operating Hours:
The operating period for Dipon Bus is from around 7 am to 11 pm. This bus always ensures that they are always on time, but if there’s any incident that cannot be avoided, it may be late, and time may vary.

Service Details and Counters: The Dipon Bus Service provides excellent service compared to other public buses in the country. This cares a lot about their passenger’s safety and comfort, so all of their seats are nicely arranged and are excellent seats so the passenger can relax during their whole journey. This bus also maintains its schedule and timing properly until there’s a jam or unavoidable incident.

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The bus driver is very expert, and the bus conductors are trustworthy, polite, and gentle. They help their passengers in every way possible and listen to them nicely. The conductors always clean the bus seat well and maintain proper hygiene. Many men, women, and disabled people travel by this bus daily. In this bus, around 40-44 people can travel. If you take this bus, you can reach your destination without worry.

Counters: Dipon Bus stops here, so if you wait for some time, you can get on the bus quickly.

Bus Stoppages (স্টপেজের নাম)
Tajmahal Road তাজমহল রোড
Shankar শঙ্কর
Star Kabab স্টার কাবাব
City College সিটি কলেজ
Shahbagh শাহবাগ
High Court হাইকোর্ট
Baitul Mokarram বায়তুল মোকাররম
Arambagh আরামবাগ
In this busy city of Dhaka, many people travel by Dipon Bus. They are satisfied with their excellent service, so anyone can take this bus and have a comfortable and safe journey and reach their destination. 



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