ENA Bus Accident at Jhenaidah Highway (11 Killed)

Today ENA Bus Accident took place at the Jhenaidah Kaliganj highway bus route and 11 innocent people were dead, also many were injured. ENA Bus was trying to overtake the other vehicle and another bus was coming towards it. Just in seconds, they crashed face to face and 9 people were instantly dead. 13 people are seriously injured. Just by looking at the picture, we can see how much force destroyed these two buses. This road accident made nation-wide news today on various news platforms and news channels in Bangladesh.

What Caused This Bus Accident

From today’s road accident, it was clear from the beginning of the journey of ENA Transport that drivers were careless. They drive very roughly on the highway. They are always trying to overtake and make the highway a racetrack in seconds. Also, this collision took place because of ENA trying to overtake the other bus and there was a bus coming on the opposite way. Which made this crash so huge but only the front seating people were ill-fated.

There were only 8 dead bodies were identified from the 11 so far. The source told us that 9 people were dead on the spot. Therefore, the route of the Jhenaidah Kaliganj Highway was blocked for half an hour or so because of the movement of the incident and removing bodies from the spot. The injured were moved to the Kaliganj Upazila Health Complex and Jashore General Hospital.

See Live Video Of Today Ena Bus Accident at Jhenaidah

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