First Ten Bus Route and Service Details (ফার্স্ট টেন বাস)

Moving from one place to another can be pretty costly. If you travel by bus daily, you can travel at an affordable price. For this reason, having buses in different locations is essential. If you live in the areas of Vashantek to the regions of Gabtoli, First Ten Bus (ফার্স্ট টেন বাস) can help you to move from one place to another.
This bus has proper seat arrangements, lighting, and proper windows. And special seats are also available for special needs and women.

First Ten Bus Route

First Ten Bus Route:

Route: Vashantek ⇄ Mirpur 14 ⇄ Mirpur 10 ⇄ Mirpur 2 ⇄ Sony Cinema Hall ⇄ Mirpur 1 ⇄ Ansar Camp ⇄ Technical ⇄ Gabtoli

Operating Hours:
The service of this bus generally starts at 5: 30 am and ends at 11: 30 pm. Due to unanticipated consequences, the time of service may vary. However, this bus always maintains proper timing. All you need to do is to wait at the bus stop. So, knowing the bus stoppage will help you to reach your destination comfortably. Here, I will provide lists of bus stoppages in the table below.

Stoppages name  (স্টপেজের নাম)
Vashantek ভাসানটেক
Mirpur 14 মিরপুর ১৪
Mirpur 10  মিরপুর ১০
Mirpur 2 মিরপুর ২
Sony Cinema Hall সনি সিনেমা হল
Mirpur 1 মিরপুর ১
Ansar Camp আনসার ক্যাম্প
Technical  টেকনিক্যাল
Gabtoli গাবতলী

Overall, the service of this bus is pretty good. But this bus only moves to fewer areas compared to other buses in Dhaka city. Although, people appreciate the benefit of this bus as they are always on time.

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