FTCL Bus Route Dhaka and Details Information (এফটিসিএল বাস)

The FTCL Bus (এফটিসিএল বাস) is one of the popular buses in Dhaka city as this bus is capable of carrying people in many areas. The services of this bus start from Mohammadpur and end at Chittagong Road. It helps people reach 22 different locations within a couple of hours. 

The body of this bus is white, and FTCL is written in red on the bus, which makes passengers easier to recognize. It is just an ordinary bus with semi-sitting services. It may not be the best bus in comfort. The bus always comes in timeout at the bus stop. 

FTCL Bus Route Dhaka


FTCL Bus Route Dhaka:

Mohammadpur ⇄ Shankar ⇄ Star Kabab ⇄ Jigatola ⇄ City College ⇄ Science Lab ⇄ Bata Signal ⇄ Shahbag ⇄ Matsya Bhaban ⇄ High Court ⇄ Press Club ⇄ Paltan ⇄ GPO ⇄ Gulistan ⇄ Sayedabad ⇄ Janapath Moor ⇄ Jatrabari ⇄ Shonir Akhra ⇄ Rayerbag ⇄ Matuail ⇄ Sign Board ⇄ Chittagong Road

Operating Hours:

It is pretty challenging to be on time for the bus as Dhaka is one of the busiest cities in Bangladesh. Still, FTCL Bus tries to maintain punctuality as much as it can. The operating hours of this bus begin and end at 11 pm. If any problems occur, timings may change. 

Service Details and Counters

The service of this bus is moderately good. It is just an ordinary bus that we generally use in Dhaka city. You do not need to buy tickets for that travel bus. You need to pay money to the conductors before you get off this bus. The bus drivers have a proper license and are quite eprettyenced. Moreover, it has appropriate adequate windows and tolerable seating arrangements. And they also serve special seats for women and disabled people. 

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If you want to travel by bus, it would be a good idea if you knew the new stoppages. Let’s know where the FTCL Bus stops. 

Bus Stoppages  (স্টপেজের নাম)
Mohammadpur  মোহাম্মদপুর
Zigatola  জিগাটোলা
Shahbag  শাহবাগ
Palton  পল্টন
Gulisthan  গুলিস্তান
Sayedabad  সায়দাবাদ
Jatrabari  যাত্রাবাড়ী
Chittagong Road চিটাগাং রোড

The system of this bus is quite good. But it would be better if they could improve the quality of the bus in the future. 

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