Gazipur Paribahan Bus Service Informations (গাজীপুর পরিবহন বাস)

Gazipur Paribahan Bus Dhaka (গাজীপুর পরিবহন বাস) has been offering service from Motijheel to Shib Bari for a long time. You may think that this bus only helps you to travel in areas of Gazipur. However, this bus allows traveling to 31 places. Sometimes finding the bus to a particular area is quite tricky. If you are not a regular bus user, this bus can be quite a good option because it moves to different locations in Dhaka. 

Gazipur Paribahan Bus Route


Gazipur Paribahan Bus Route:

Motijheel ⇄ Paltan ⇄ Kakrail ⇄ Shantinagar ⇄ Malibagh Moor ⇄ Mouchak ⇄ Moghbazar ⇄ Nabisco ⇄ Mohakhali ⇄ Chairman Bari ⇄ Sainik Club ⇄ Kakali ⇄ Banani ⇄ Staff Road ⇄ MES ⇄ Shewra ⇄ Kuril Bishwa Road ⇄ Khilkhet ⇄ Airport ⇄ Jashimuddin (Uttara) ⇄ Rajlakshmi ⇄ Azampur ⇄ House Building ⇄ Abdullahpur ⇄ Tongi ⇄ Station Road ⇄ Mill Gate ⇄ Board Bazar ⇄ Gazipur Chowrasta ⇄ Shib Bari

Operating Hours:

The operating hours of this bus generally begin at 6 am and end at 11 pm. If any problem occurs, the time may differ. 

Service Details and Counters:

 As we do long journeys on a bus, having comfortable seats is a crucial thing to notice in a bus. The service of this bus is quite acceptable. This bus offers proper seat arrangements, and some special seats are arranged for women and disabled people. Although this bus has no AC or true fan, you can air from the windows. 

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In Dhaka city, there are almost 15 to 20 buses. Therefore, if you wait at the bus stop, you can quickly get there in time. The behavior of drivers and conductors is quite good. They help people to get off the bus safely. Now, let’s learn about the bus stoppages on the Gazipur Paribahan Bus route.

Bus Stoppages  বাস স্টপেজ
Motijheel  মতিঝিল
Palton  পল্টন
Malibagh  মালিবাগ
Moghbazar  মগবাজার
Mohakhali  মহাখালী 
Kakoli কাকলি
Kuril Bishwa Road  কুড়িল বিশ্ব রোড
Khilkhet  খিলক্ষেত
Jashim Uddin Uttara  জসীম উদ্‌দীন উত্তরা 
Azampur  আজমপুর
Abdullapur  আব্দুল্লাপুর
Tongi  টঙ্গী
Gazipur Chowrasta গাজীপুর চৌরাস্তা
Shib Bari শিব বাড়ি

This bus is recommended for regular bus users. You can enjoy a safe journey on this bus. 

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