Grameen Suveccha Bus Route Service Informations (গ্রামীণ সুভেচ্ছ বাস)

If you want to travel from one place to another at an affordable price, it would be a good idea to use buses. Therefore, Dhaka city arranges different buses every year. Here, I will talk about one of the popular buses in Dhaka city. 

Grameen Suveccha Bus (গ্রামীণ সুভেচ্ছ বাস) is one of the popular buses in 25 different areas. It is a full-sitting bus. The seats are arranged for women and disabled people separately. It has almost 30 to 34 buses that help to maintain the traveling period. 

Grameen Suveccha Bus Route

Grameen Suveccha Bus Route:

Fulbaria ⇄ ChankharPul ⇄ Bakshi Bazar ⇄ Azimpur ⇄ Nilkhet ⇄ New Market ⇄ City College ⇄ Kalabagan ⇄ Dhanmondi 32 ⇄ Dhanmondi 27 ⇄ Asad Gate ⇄ College Gate ⇄ Shishu Mela ⇄ Shyamoli ⇄ Kallyanpur ⇄ Darussalam ⇄ Technical ⇄ Gabtoli ⇄ Amin Bazar ⇄ Hemayetpur ⇄ Savar ⇄ Baipayl ⇄ Zirani Bazar ⇄ Nandan Park ⇄ Chandra 

Operating Hours:  The service of this bus starts at 6 am and ends at 9: 30pm at night. The operating hours of this bus may differ if there are any problems, such as road blockages, construction works, weather changes, etc. 

Service Details and Counters: Green Suveccha Bus owns almost 32 to 38 buses in Dhaka city. It helps to carry people from different areas to another. Traveling by bus is quite affordable, and many people also appreciate the services of this bus.

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It is not a ticket service, so you do not need to worry if you lose your tickets. You only need to pay money to the conductors according to the distances. 

Bus Stoppages  (স্টপেজের নাম)
Fulbaria  ফুলবাড়িয়া
Azimpur  আজিমপুর
New Market  নিউ মার্কেট
Kalabagan  কলাবাগান
Dhanmondi 32 ধানমন্ডি ৩২
Dhanmondi 27 ধানমন্ডি ২৭
Asad Gate  আসাদ গেট 
College Gate  কলেজ গেট
Shyamoli  শ্যামলী
Kallyanpur কল্যাণপুর
Gabtoli  গাবতলী
Amin Bazar  আমিন বাজার
Savar  সাভার
Chandra চন্দ্র

This bus is recommended for everyday bus users. Although the price of traveling buses has increased significantly, this bus still takes a proper amount of money from the passengers.

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