Gulshan Chaka Bus Route Details Information (গুলশান চাকা বাস)

Gulshan is one of the wealthiest cities in Dhaka. People generally use their cars, but the bus makes our traveling easier at an affordable price. In Gulshan areas, only one bus is allowed. We rarely see buses in those regions. The bus we used to move from Banani to Natun Bazar is Gulshan Chaka Bus (গুলশান চাকা বাস).

If you live in Gulshan, this bus can be helpful for you. It mainly works for Gulshan 2. Since it is a ticket system bus, you need to buy tickets from the counters. And the cost is quite affordable. You know that the route of the Gulshan is relatively more accessible than in other areas. Still, knowing the way will help you to travel safely and efficiently. 

Gulshan Chaka Bus Route

Gulshan Chaka Bus Route:

Banani ⇄ Gulshan 2 ⇄ Notun Bazar

Operating Hours: The operating period of this bus is generally less than other local buses in Dhaka city. It typically starts its services at noon and ends at 5: 30 pm. Due to unavoidable circumstances, the timings may vary. 

Service Details and Counters: The service of this bus is acceptable. It is a full-sitting bus, and they provide comfortable seats, a true fan, and windows. Since it is a ticket system bus, you need to buy the tickets from the counters before you get into the bus. Tickets are available near the bus stoppage. So, you can easily take it. If you want to stand in a queue to buy tickets, it would be better to buy them beforehand. 

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Here is the bus stoppage of the Gulshan Chaka Bus.

Bus Stoppages  (স্টপেজের নাম)
Banani (Kakrail) Banani 
Gulshan 2 গুলশান ২
Notun Bazar  নতুন বাজার

In general, the services of the Dhaka Chaka bus are pretty good. As it’s a full sitting bus every day, many people can enjoy traveling. 

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