Janjabil Bus Route Dhaka (জানজাবিল বাস)

The Janjabil Bus (জানজাবিল বাস) starts from Gabtoli and ends at Babubazar. It is a half-sitting bus, and the seats are not too bad. Although it is a half-sitting bus, this bus still has separate seat arrangements for women and disabled people. If you want to travel on a bus, knowing the bus’s route is unfortunately essential. 

Janjabil Bus Route

Janjabil Bus Route:

Gabtoli ⇄ Beribadh Tin Rastar Moor ⇄ Rayer Bazar ⇄ Sikder Medical College ⇄ Hazaribag ⇄ Nawabganj ⇄ Kamrangirchar ⇄ Showari Ghat ⇄ Mitford Ghat ⇄ Babubazar

Operating Hours: If you want to reach your destination on time, it would be a good idea to know the operating hours of the bus. It begins to give service at 6 am and ends its service at 10 pm. If there is a traffic jam, weather change, construction work, and other problems, time will vary. 

Service Details and Counters: People who live in the areas from Gabtoli to Babubazar can easily travel on this bus.  You do not need to buy tickets from the counters. You can pay the conductors according to the distances of the areas. If you are wondering about the behavior of the driver and conductors of this bus, I would say that it is pretty good.

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They take fixed amounts of money from the passengers. So the passengers have no complaints about this bus and the workers. As these areas are a little complicated, knowing the bus stoppages will help you to move faster from one place to another. Here is the list of the Janjabil Bus routes. 

Bus Stoppages  (স্টপেজের নাম)
Gabtoli  গাবতলী
Rastar Moor 

রাস্তার মোড়

Nawabganj নবাবগঞ্জ
Kamragirchor কামরাঙ্গীরচর
Babubazar বাবুবাজার

The overall facilities of Janjabil Bus are good though it’s a half-sitting one. Many people travel with this bus quite often.

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