Kanak Bus Route Dhaka and Service Details (কনক বাস)

Buses are an essential mode of transport in Dhaka city. As the population of Dhaka is very large, many people travel by bus every day. The bus can carry a large number of people at a time. Kanak Bus (কনক বাস) is a bus in Dhaka city. It starts from Mirpur 1 and ends at Abdullahpur.

This bus travels to around 18 places in one day, meaning it has 18 stops around several areas in Dhaka. This bus provides seating arrangements for men and women. The body of this bus is orange in color. It’s a pretty big bus so it can hold many people. So if you wait at any stops, you can get on the bus.

Kanak Bus Route: 

Mirpur 1 ⇄ Sony Cinema Hall ⇄ Mirpur 2 ⇄ Mirpur 10 ⇄ Mirpur 11 ⇄ Purobi ⇄ Kalshi ⇄ ECB Chottur ⇄ MES ⇄ Shewra ⇄ Kuril Bishwa Road ⇄ Khilkhet ⇄ Airport Jashimuddin (Uttara) ⇄ Rajlakshmi ⇄ Azampur ⇄ House Building ⇄ Abdullahpur

Operating Hours :
The operating hours for the Kanak Bus are from 5:30 am to 12:00 am. If there’s no traffic jam or incident, they arrive on time; otherwise, their timings may vary.

Service Details :

The Kanak Bus is splendid. We know that this bus starts its journey from Mirpur 1 and ends its trip to Abdullahpur, so every day, many people travel on this bus for this long-distance journey and are always satisfied with their tremendous and pleasing service. The seating arrangement in this bus is so good and relaxing. This bus always tries to be on time and does a great job unless there’s a traffic jam or unavoidable incident. So anyone who wants to travel long distances can get on this bus without any tension.

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The staff of this bus are well trained and disciplined; they know how to passengers. The drivers are also very skillful. This bus provides extraordinary service to ordinary people. This bus has a proper seat where 46 to 50 people can sit. The seats on this bus are so relaxing that it shortens the distance. It has seating arrangements for men, women, and disabled people. 

Counters: Here is where the Kanak Bus bus stops, so if you wait for some time, you can get on the bus quickly.

Stoppage (স্টপেজের নাম)
Mirpur 1 মিরপুর ১
Mirpur 2 মিরপুর ২
Mirpur 10 মিরপুর ১০
Kalshi  কালশী
MES  এমইএস
Airport Jashimuddin বিমানবন্দর জসিমুদ্দিন
Rajlakshmi  রাজলক্ষ্মী
House Building হাউসবিল্ডিং
Abdullahpur আব্দুল্লাহপুর

The Kanak Bus (কনক বাস) provides extraordinary service to its passengers, and it is always on time without any incident. Many people every day like to get on this bus and have a great time.

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