Meshkat Bus Route Dhaka (মেসকাত বাস)

The main aim of Meshkat Bus (মেসকাত বাস) is to help from Mohammadpur to Chittagong Road. It covers 18 areas in Dhaka city. If you are looking for accessible bus routes, it would be a good idea to learn about the streets. I will provide the list of ways of this bus below. 

Meshkat Bus Route Dhaka

Meshkat Bus Routes:

Mohammadpur ⇄ Asad Gate ⇄ Khamar Bari ⇄ Farmgate ⇄ Bangla Motor ⇄ Shahbag ⇄ Matsya Bhaban ⇄ Paltan ⇄ Dainik Bangla Moor ⇄ Motijheel ⇄ Ittefaq Moor Sayedabad ⇄ Jatrabari ⇄ Shanir Akhra ⇄ Rayerbag ⇄ Matuail ⇄ Sign Board ⇄ Chittagong Road

Operating Hours:

The working hours of this bus generally begin at 6 am and end at 10 pm. This bus always maintains punctuality if there are no traffic jams, weather changes, construction works, and other problems. If you wait at the bus stop at the proper time, you can reach your destination in time. Before you ride on the bus, it is necessary to know the exact bus stoppages that will make your riding experience easier and faster. 

Bus services and counter details:

If you are a regular bus rider, you must expect comfortable seat arrangements, right? I won’t say that the service of this bus is top class. However, the benefit of this bus is quite acceptable. It has proper seat arrangements that help to seat different groups of people comfortably, windows are arranged nicely, and there are some fans and lights attached to the upper parts of the bus.

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And it also has a bus holder that helps to support it when the bus is moving. The main bus stoppages are given below:

Bus stoppages:

Bus Stoppages  বাস স্টপেজের নাম
Mohammadpur  মোহাম্মদপুর
Asad Gate  আসাদগেট
Farm Gate  ফার্মগেট
Shahbag  শাহবাগ
Matsya Bhaban  মৎস্য ভবন
Paltan  পল্টন
Motijheel  মতিঝিল
Jatrabari  যাত্রাবাড়ী
Rayerbag রায়েরবাগ
Matuail ম্যাচুয়াল
Chittagong Road  চিটাগাং রোড

If you have any questions about buses, feel free to ask us. To know more, be with us. 

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