Mirpur Metro Service Bus Route Dhaka (মিরপুর মেট্রো সার্ভিস বাস)

The service of Mirpur Bus starts (মিরপুর মেট্রো সার্ভিস বাস) from Azimpur and ends its services at Mirpur 1. Traveling by bus is quite affordable. So understanding the customer’s requirements, this bus is planning to increase the number of this bus in the future. It has almost 20 to 25 buses in Dhaka city that helps people to reach their destinations at an appropriate time. Here is the route of this bus. 

Mirpur Metro Service Bus Routes

Mirpur Metro Service Bus Routes:

Azimpur ⇄ Nilkhet ⇄ New Market ⇄ Science Lab ⇄ City College ⇄ Kalabagan ⇄ Dhanmondi 32 ⇄ Dhanmondi 27 ⇄ Asad Gate ⇄ College Gate ⇄ Shishu Mela ⇄ Shyamoli ⇄ Kallyanpur ⇄ Darussalam ⇄ Technical ⇄ Bangla College ⇄ Tolarbag ⇄ Ansar Camp ⇄ Mirpur 1

Operating Hours:

The working hours of this bus usually start from 6 am and end at 9: 30 pm. This bus always arrives on time. Therefore, many riders prefer to travel by this bus every day. However, if any problems occur, they may take time to come. 

Bus services and counter details:

Many people appreciate the service of this bus because of its suitable seating arrangements, fans, and windows. Moreover, the behaviour of this bus driver and conductor is pretty good, and they serve people professionally. They help riders to get off and on the bus carefully. It is considered a semi-sitting bus.

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So there is a proper bus holder that helps to hold it properly. The good thing about this bus is that the conductors control the number of people on the bus. They do not allow excess riders to get on the bus. Therefore, you do not need to stand inside the bus. As there are many bus stoppages in Dhaka city, along with routes, you should know about the bus stoppages properly. The bus stages are:

Bus stoppages:

Bus Stoppages  বাস স্টপেজের নাম
Azimpur  আজিমপুর
Nilkhet  নীলক্ষেত
New Market  নিউ মার্কেট
Kalabagan  কলাবাগান
Dhanmondi 32 ধানমন্ডি ৩২
Dhanmondi 27 ধানমন্ডি ২৭
Asad Gate  আসাদ গেট
Shyamoli  শ্যামলী
Kallyanpur  কল্যাণপুর
Technical  টেক্নিকল
Ansar Camp  আনসার ক্যাম্প 
Mirpur 1 মিরপুর ১

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