Pallabi Local Service Bus Route Dhaka (পল্লবী লোকাল সার্ভিস বাস)

The service of the Pallabi Local Bus (পল্লবী লোকাল সার্ভিস বাস) begins from Asad Gate and ends service at Mirpur 12. If you need to move early, this bus can be a good option. As many people get confused about the bus routes and bus stoppages, I thought of sharing my ideas about the Pallabi Local Service Bus. Before you start traveling by bus, you must gain ideas about the bus routes. The main routes of this bus are given below:

Pallabi Local Service Bus Route

Pallabi Local Service Bus Routes:

Asad Gate ⇄ College Gate ⇄ Shishu Mela ⇄ Shyamoli ⇄ Kallyanpur ⇄ Technical ⇄ Mirpur 1 ⇄ Sony Cinema Hall ⇄ Mirpur 2 ⇄ Chalantika Moor ⇄ Mirpur 6 ⇄ Mirpur 11 ⇄ Mirpur 12

Operating Hours:

The operating hours of this usually start from 5:30 am and end at 10:30 pm. Sometimes, this bus may be late if there are traffic jams, weather changes, construction works and other problems occur. As I live far away from my workplace, I use this bus because it always arrives on time. I never have to face being late for my work. 

Bus Service Details and Counters:

If you are looking for a good local bus service, you must choose this bus if you live in these particular areas. I won’t say the service of this bus is excellent. Still, if we compared this bus with other local buses, I would say that the facilities of this bus are pretty good.

The seat arrangements are good and this bus offers separate seat arrangements for ladies and disabled people. As it is a semi-sitting bus, it offers strong and sturdy handles that help the passengers to hold it while the bus is moving. It has nothing special yet many people prefer to use this bus because of the behind-the-bus conduct and drivers.

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The conductors and the drivers always help passengers to get in and off the bus safely. And the fare of this is quite acceptable. If you are not sure about the bus stoppages, you must know it before you get on the bus. Here, I would like to provide the list of the bus stoppages. 

Bus Stoppages:

Name of the Bus Stoppages  বাস স্টপেজের নাম
Asad Gate  আসাদ গেট
College Gate  কলেজ গেট
Shishu Mela শিশুমেলা
Shyamoli  শ্যামলী
Kallyanpur  কল্যাণপুর
Technical  টেকনিক্যাল
Mirpur 1 মিরপুর ১
Sony Cinema Hall  সনি সিনেমা হল
Mirpur 2 মিরপুর ২
Chalantika Moor  চলন্তিকা মোর
Mirpur 6  মিরপুর ৬
Mirpur 11 মিরপুর ১১
Mirpur 12 মিরপুর ১২

Overall, the service of this bus is good. So, if you are regular bus riders, you can use this if you live in these areas. If you have any questions regarding any buses of Dhaka city, you can ask us. Help your friends, relatives and family by sharing the articles. Thanks for being with us! 

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