Power Paribahan Bus Route Service Informations (পাওয়ার পরিবহন বাস)

The service of the Power Paribahan Bus (পাওয়ার পরিবহন বাস) starts from Mirpur 14 and ends at Konabari. If you live in the area nearby Mirpur, you can use this bus. It would be a great idea to know the bus routes properly before you travel by bus. The main ways of this bus are:

Power Paribahan Bus Routes

Power Paribahan Bus Routes:

Mirpur 14 ⇄ Mirpur 10 ⇄ Mirpur 2 ⇄ Sony Cinema Hall ⇄ Mirpur 1 ⇄ Mazar Road ⇄ Konabari ⇄ Rupnagar ⇄ Beribadh ⇄ Birulia ⇄ Ashulia ⇄ Zirabo ⇄ Narshinghapur ⇄ Sura Bari ⇄ Kashimpur ⇄ Jarun ⇄ Konabari

Operating Hours:

The operating hours of this bus start at 6 am and end at 10 pm.  Due to unavoidable circumstances, the working hours of this bus may change depending on the situation. 

Bus Service Details and Counters:

The system of this bus is pretty good. The seating arrangements of this bus are comfortable and spacious. In this bus, 20 to 25 people can sit comfortably. It serves separate seats for women and disabled people. There are fans and lights on the bus. The conductors and the drivers of this bus are pretty professional. Since it is a half-sitting bus, passengers can sit comfortably because the conductor never puts extra passengers on the bus.

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As you do not need to buy tickets, you can pay the fare directly to the conductors of this bus, depending on the distance of the area. As many people prefer this bus, the number of buses may increase. The most things you should know while traveling by bus are the main bus stoppages depending on the locations. The list of the main bus stoppages is given below:

Bus Stoppages:

Name of the Bus Stoppages  বাস স্টপেজের নাম
Mirpur 14 মিরপুর ১৪
Mirpur 10  মিরপুর ১০
Mirpur 2 মিরপুর ২
Sony Cinema Hall  সনি সিনেমা হল
Mirpur 1 মিরপুর ১
Konabari  কোনাবাড়ি
Rupnagar  রূপনগর
Ashulia  আশুলিয়া
Narsingapur  নরসিংহপুর
Kashimpur  কাশিমপুর
Jarun জারুন
Konabari  কোনাবাড়ি

Overall, the facility of this bus is good. It is one of the perfect buses of Dhaka city for daily bus users. If you have any questions regarding any buses in Dhaka city, feel free to ask us. To know more, be with us! 

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