Siam Transport Bus Route Service Details (সিয়াম ট্রান্সপোর্ট বাস)

The Siam Transport Bus (সিয়াম ট্রান্সপোর্ট বাস) starts to give services to Banasree and ends at Nobinagar. It is a semi-sitting bus, and seat arrangements are very spacious. The interior of this bus is large and spacious, and it’s very beautifully decorated. This bus maintains proper hygiene. As it is a significant and large bus, the seating arrangements for this bus are divided into many rows, and they are for men, women, special needs people, disabled people, and older people.Siam Transport Bus Route

They provide very relaxing and comfortable service to their passengers. It’s a semi-long road bus, but The seats are so pleasing to the passengers that they don’t even feel the distance. This bus helps the passengers to reach their destination without any hassle and very quickly.

Siam Transport Bus Route:

Banasree ⇄ Rampura Bridge ⇄ Merul ⇄ Badda ⇄ Shahjadpur ⇄ Bashtola ⇄ Notun Bazar ⇄ Nadda ⇄ Bashundhara ⇄ Jamuna Future Park ⇄ Kuril Bishwa Road ⇄ Khilkhet ⇄ Airport ⇄ Jashimuddin (Uttara) ⇄ Rajlakshmi ⇄ Azampur ⇄ House Building ⇄ Abdullahpur ⇄ Kamarpara ⇄ Dhour ⇄ Beribadh ⇄ Ashulia ⇄ Zirabo ⇄ Fantasy Kingdom ⇄ Jamgora ⇄ Shimultala ⇄ Baipail ⇄ Palli Bidyut ⇄ Savar Cantonment ⇄ Nobinagar

Operating Hours :
The Siam Transport Bus starts its journey at 6 am and ends at 11:30 pm. If there is an 11:30 pm traffic jam or another incident, it is on time. Otherwise, the timings may vary.

Service Details :

There are many different buses in Dhaka City. Many people travel by bus regularly. So having a good bus service makes us feel comfortable. I think the usefulness of this bus is good. The seat arrangements of this bus are pretty good. Although it is a semi-sitting bus, people can find seats easily because the conductors are pretty good at controlling the passengers. The conductors of this bus try not to put extra passengers on the bus.

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And it is not a ticket system bus, and you only need to pay the fare before you get off the bus. Before you think of traveling by bus, it is essential to know the bus stoppages properly.

Counters: Here is where The Siam Transport Bus bus stops, so if you wait for some time, you can get on the bus quickly.

Stoppage (স্টপেজের নাম)
Banasree  বনশ্রী
Merul  মেরুল
Shahjadpur  শাহজাদপুর
Bashundhara  বসুন্ধরা
Khilkhet  খিলক্ষেত
Jashimuddin (Uttara)l জসিমুদ্দিন (উত্তরা) 
Azampur  আজমপুর
Ashulia  আশুলিয়া
Fantasy Kingdom ফ্যান্টাসি কিংডম
Savar Cantonment সাভার সেনানিবাস
Nobinagar নবীনগর

The Siam Transport Bus gives satisfying service, and it is always on time without any incident. Many people every day like to get on this bus and enjoy it.

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